Luigi's Shorts Season 2 - Episode 1

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In the sidebar to the left, there is a list of the whole cast of MVA. (MVA stands for MADvsArt) The whole crew is there from major characters to minor, to monkeys to villians, they are all there. Even Peter is in there!


At the sidebar, ther are locations for yout to look out. Bowser's Hideouts, Buisnesses, and more! So there is Kitty Bank, Shrimp Store, and even Bowser's Sky Fortress from Luigi's Shorts!


These include items, that are goodies such as The Magical Rocket Ship of Guitar Solos, and badies such as The Precious Precious Book. Also, some are neutral as well as The Magical Orb Thingies.


All the series from Luigi's Shorts to MVA Shorts to MVA Movies.

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